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Reporting centre

Hate Crime is one of the most  complex and serious casework that we do.

Did you know that over the last year there were 578 hate crimes reported to the police?  That is up 17.5% on the previous year.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  Many people do not report to the police or to any other body.  

But what is a hate crime?  It is a crime motivated by prejudice against a particular group of people.  Imagine you are shouted at, threatened, hit, beaten up, had a brick through your window  because of the colour of your skin, the country you were born in, where your parents were born, the language you speak, you are a migrant or refugee, because you are in a wheelchair, have difficulty speaking, hearing, have a mental health problem or learning difficulty, because you are gay or a lesbian or Trans....

We provide an advice advocacy service for victim's of hate crime, about their rights, the duties and powers of the appropriate agencies and take up their cases  with those agencies.

The impact of hate crime on victims can last for years. We provide wrap around support for all our hate crime victims whereby people can report hate crime directly to us as we are a Third Party Reporting Centre and  have an  accessible our out of hours Hate Crime Hot line service which is available from 6 pm - 12 pm midnight, 365 days a year.

What is Third Party Reporting? Many people, for a variety of reasons, are reluctant to report crime directly to the police. Third party reporting is a way to overcome this. Third Party Reporting Centres are organisations that have agreed to make reports to the police on behalf of victims who do not want to go directly to the police. This service is provided in addition to the organisations’ core services. All forms of crime are under reported to the police; however research consistently shows that hate crimes are much more under reported than other forms of crime. Therefore Third Party Reporting  Centres  have been set up to improve hate crime reporting.

If you are a victim of Hate crime please call us our Hate Crime Hotline on :

Tel  No. 0208 551 8178   

Telephone service open   6 pm- 12 pm  midnight  7 days a week