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Inspirational Women

Saturday 30 March 2019

11am - 5pm

Redbridge Central Library


Join us as we celebrate Inspirational Women in our finale event for International Women’s History Month 2019.


                       Activity Programme            

ground floor -Foyer    

11am – 3pm       Live music performances by Redbridge Music Lounge


                              Visit Redbridge Equalities & Community Council Stall

                          and find out about RECC and opportunities to get involved                

                                                                                                                                                                        Visit Exhibitions by Eastside Heritage and Redbridge

                                    Equalities & Community Council


11.30am to 1.30pm     Sash Making Drop-in Workshop presented by

                                    Eastside Community Heritage

12noon – 2pm             Visit the Interactive Textile Crafts Workshop: creative,

                                    inspirational, therapeutic demonstrations by Marcia & Edna                              

                                    Visit Wonder Woman Exhibition with Trail Guide by staff

                                    from Redbridge Museum (First Floor: tours 12noon & 1pm)

 1.30pm - 2pm              Open Mic: Inspirational Poetry Recitals


First Floor

  The inspirational women Symposium

3pm - 5pm

Redbridge Central Library, Gloucester Room - First Floor


Come and be inspired by an awesome panel of women who are making a difference and impact locally, nationally and globally. Listen and interact with them as they speak about their achievements and breaking barriers/overcoming challenges.

What you will take away?

How to become the woman you want to be with humility, integrity and resilience, irrespective of challenges.



3.00    Arrival, Registration, Refreshments


3.10    Welcome:  Councillor Taifur Rashid, Deputy Mayor of Redbridge


3.15     Introductions: JoAnne McConnell: RECC Trustee and Rhonda Brooks: Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure


3.20    Jane Ulysses Grell: Poet and Storyteller in the African and Caribbean

          oral tradition. 


3.35    Judith Garfiel d: Founder & Executive Director of Eastside

          Community Heritage (London)


3.45    Nicola Millington: Founder and Principal of FP Comms


3.55    Refreshment break


4.05    Councillor Linda Huggett: Group Leader Redbridge Conservative Councillors


4.15    Shabnam Chaudhri:  Detective Superintendent, Metropolitan Police.  


4.25    Panel discussion: Chaired by Cllr. Taifur Rashid, Deputy Mayor of Redbridge


4.55    Thanks and Close


Biographies of Speakers:


Shabnam Chaudhri, Detective Superintendent – Metropolitan Police.  Shabnam is a role model, across London and wider afield. She has received a number of awards, including the National & International Leadership award in the British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP) for her contributions to policing, in particular her work around forced marriage and Honour Based Violence. During 2017, Shabnam was nominated for, and won the national No2H8 Crime Award for her ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the fight against hate crime. She leads at Havering, Barking & Dagenham and Redbridge.


·         Judith Garfield, MBE.  Founder and Executive Director of Eastside Community Heritage (London) since 1998.  Honoured in 2012 with an MBE for her work and commitment to Community Heritage.  At present, Judith is a trustee of the East End Women’s Museum, Humdum UK Food Bank and Redbridge Rainbow Community Redbridge.

·         Jane Ulysses Grell is a Poet and Storyteller in the African and Caribbean oral tradition.  She takes her storytelling to audiences of all ages in colleges, schools and libraries in the UK and abroad.  Jane has written many stories and poetry books for children and adults and was recently featured in the anthology New Daughters of Africa, launched at this year's Women of the World festival at the South Bank.


  • Councillor Linda Huggett, Group Leader Redbridge Conservative Councillors, unanimously chosen on the 14th May 2018.She is the first woman to be elected leader of the Redbridge Conservative party. She leads a team that is 42% female and follows the Conservative’s party’s efforts to get more local people and especially women from all different backgrounds involved in Redbridge Council.  Linda was Mayor of Redbridge for 2017/2018 and has represented the Monkhams Ward for the last 20 years. Linda trained as a solicitor for the Queen’s solicitors in Lincolns Inn Fields and is a Trustee of St. Francis Hospice and a member of the Woodford Green Amenity Group and the local police panel.


  • Nicola Millington is the Founder and Principal of FP Comms, a global, boutique PR agency. FP Comms works with trailblazing entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to building ambitious,conscious and ethical businesses. With a portfolio of high value clients spanning over 20 years, Nicola champions businesses that place humanity at the heart of their corporations.

  • Hosted by the Equalities Forum an initiative of Redbridge Equalities and Community Council (RECC) and Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure

    Date and time: Saturday 30 March, 11am to 5pm

    Venue: Redbridge Central Library, Ground Floor & First Floor

    Price: FREE, just turn up


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