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Community projects

Community Projects form a major part of what we do. We provide a wide range of activities and events which focus on developing  good relations, build and strengthen community cohesion, participation, engagement, bring inclusion of marginalised groups into dialogue with the wider community. and developing civic pride amongst young people. 

  • Community Fun Days
    Are part of our 'open space project' which aims to help in areas where there is community tension, build inclusion where groups and communities are marginalised, combat isolation, enhance health, well being, . promote a harmonious and thriving community by bringing areas of misuse or under use back into community use. through 'social action day' events and activities. This is done with the help of volunteers of all ages and especially our Redbridge young volunteers from Challenge Redbridge who are inspired to partner and support us in bringing the community together, help us in our campaigns and raise awareness. In last year summer and autumn we had over over eight community fun days and over 100 young volunteers.


  • Fairs and Stalls We attend and support local fairs and have our stalls at events in the borough throughout the year. Our stalls showcase the work that we do and our various 'myth busting' publications , briefing papers and Hate Crime Hotline leaflets and advertise volunteering opportunities. We have up to 5 stalls a year at events such as Barkingside ECO Fest, a community celebration of the environment during Recycle Week. This outdoor event was hosted by Amey Redbridge Recycling Team supported by Redbridge Equalities and other charities and local businesses. It was an event enjoyed by schools in attendance and the Deputy Mayor of Redbridge.


  • Cultural and Multi-cultural Multi Faith Musicals and Festivals - we believe there is nothing like music and the arts to bring people together. Our musical events and festivals are normally inter-generational partnership events which showcase the crossovers in music and culture and are a celebration of our richly diverse community. For example - Taste of the Caribbean Community Day in partnership with The Association for Redbridge African and Caribbean Communities, Vision Libraries and Hard Back Cafe. This event was in celebration of Black History month and the launch of the new association. RECC showcased its Black History Exhibition with posters depicting African Caribbean and Asian cultural life and heritage, Black scientists and inventors, carnival costumes and there was a spectacular mini carnival parade and dancers from Adanna's Women Network supported dance club called Dance 4 Youth, steel pan and drumming performances and workshops. Redbridge African Caribbean Association provided vibrant poetry in Creole language and a taste of the Caribbean with an array of delicious flavours from the Caribbean supplied by the library's Hard Back Cafe. The event was enjoyed by over 250 people. and attended by the Mayor of Redbridge.


  • Community Network resident groups - We have set up bridge-building resident forums bringing together all sectors of our community, settled and new arrivals together to find their commonalities, build mutual trust and respect by working together to make their local area better. We facilitate workshops to help build knowledge and skills, empowering residents to take an active part and positive action together.