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Training Talks & Forums

An  essential and vital part of our work  is to  build  awareness, campaign  and influence change to tackle inequality, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms.

We do this by delivering training, talks, conferences, forums  and taking part in events that speak to a wide audience such as: 

Hate Crime Talks and Conferences seeks to educate, inform and tackle hate crime in our society. together as one community focused on eliminating hate.   

We host conferences  and talks  during National Hate Crime Awareness Week which happens every year to draw attention to the menace of hate crime. 

This year Victim Support and Redbridge Equalities & Community Council  joined forces to organise this event in Ilford for people in Redbridge to learn about hate crime, how to report it, what can be done about it and offer help and advice. 

Show Racism the Red Card organises an event for schools in Redbridge and we are part of a 'question time' panel of answering questions from the children.

Hate Crime Training seeks to build knowledge and skills to help people who are victims of Hate Crime  and tackle the under reporting and under recording of such  crimes in our society. The training is available for Statutory and Voluntary Organisations and Community groups.  

Anti Bullying and Hate Crime Assemblies  seeks to do vital work to educate young people  on why they should not bully or hate someone because they are different. Every year we go into  schools  facilitating Anti bullying Assemblies  for all year groups - influencing and changing perception of children to to treat each other equally, fairly, build mutual trust and respect for each other and to give  children and teachers  the  tools on how  to tackle bullying and or  Hate Abuse whether it's in the Playground or on social media. 

Equalities Forum seeks to bring organisations, professionals and activists in different equality strands together in order to:

•Exchange information and learn from each other

•Reduce barriers between communities – raising awareness, understanding and challenging myths

•Promote Equalities & Human Rights

•Lobby & Campaign to challenge inequalities

•Contribute to consultations by the council and other statutory bodies especially where they impact on equalities.

If you would like to attend the next Equalities Forum please contact us Tel No. 0208 551 8178 or email  office1@redbridgeequalities.org.uk

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